The world of bread and baking:
a world of passion.

Driven by this passion, we put our know-how at the service of professionals since several decades by providing them with innovative equipment, latest technology and uncompromising quality.

Industrial Equipment

Our high tech range of equipment and machines are actively involved in the profitability of our customers’ business by allowing a high production volume.



We provide you with a wide range of reliable and high-quality accessories, suitable to both artisanal and semi-industrial processes.



Our fermentation cabinets, freezers and dryers are actively involved in your manufacturing process to obtain the best end-product.



Regardless of the size of your production unit, automation exists to ease your task.


Mixing equipment

Dough and cake mixers, kneading machines, water chillers and other specialty equipment allow you to achieve the best results.



Bakers, confectioners, hospital, hotel and prison managers, discover our complete range of world-famous, long-lasting ovens with top-notch performances.


After Sales Services

Our service and quality guarantee is backed by an impeccable after-sales team.

Maintenance of equipment

Our team moves across the Indian Ocean and ensures the maintenance of your equipment.

Customer support

Our team is ready to help you and answers to all your queries in a timely manner.

User Support

Our team provides you with full training and explanation on how to operate the machines.

Expert Advise

We offer a comprehensive consultancy service for the opening of expansion of bakeries.

Testing Lab

We offer a unique service: the great opportunity to see our equipment in action and test them in dedicated laboratory equipped with a large variety of machines, ovens and other equipment.