5 reasons why investing in quality equipment will change your game.


Whether you are a small bakery shop, an in-house supermarket bakery or in the pastry and bread business, you all know one thing: it’s no piece of cake. You are selling perishable goods with a limited shelf life and competition is tough. How about making 2020 the year that will change your game? How? The answer is simple: by investing in quality equipment that will guarantee a better production. Read on to discover 5 good reasons to follow our advice.

1- Save time

In the world of business, time is money. From the semi-automatic bread slicer to the retarder-proofer, invest smartly in essential equipment that will make you save time. By slicing perfectly your bread or by controlling proofing of dough pieces, these machines will keep your production line running smoothly while relieving your staff of time-consuming tasks.

2- Reduce wasted products

Waste of products = less profit. When you work in the food industry, waste is a problem that eats away your profit. To avoid wastage, a dough divider is your best ally. This clever machine will make sure every loaf of bread is of regular size and weight, hence avoiding the possibility of burnt dough and inconsistent quality, which are not exactly the ingredients of success.

3- Get exactly what you want

Fresh pastries and crispy bread baked to perfection will definitely tempt more customers to come back for more. The oven is without a doubt the most important equipment of the kitchen and the baker’s best friend. Make your choice within our range of world-famous, long-lasting ovens with top-notch performances and very large production capacities, ranging from 108 to 256 baguettes of 250 g, among other options.

4- Keep your cool

As you know, water temperatures and amounts are critical to the baking process. If you want to stay calm and keep baking, that’s where a water cooler and a water meter come in. Our water coolers can contain from 90 to 400 litres and will keep your water available at a constant temperature throughout the day. Designed to dose and mix precise quantities and temperatures of hot and cold water, water meters are essential for the dough-making process. The automatic temperature control means you can focus on other tasks and consistently offer the best bakery products your customers will love.

5- Be more productive

To make sure your production line works to its maximum capacity, you will need help from a few pieces of equipment. In 2020, a rolling pin is a total has-been. Forget this tiresome and time-consuming way of working the dough and choose a pastry sheeter! This efficient equipment can work all types of dough to the required thickness perfectly and in no time. You will also need a reliable, industrial mixer to handle the heavy amounts of orders you may receive.

Don’t forget, the more efficient you are, the more time you will be able to devote to baking, decorating and improving your products. We hope that our suggestions will help you achieve a more successful turnover. You can also test our equipment in our lab, to fully understand how they work, before you buy!