Are we operating during this crisis? Yes.

It’s been a difficult start to 2020, hasn’t it? 

Most businesses on the island have been affected by the lockdown … including ours. 

That being said, if you are a regular customer of the J.Rae & Cie (La Dorade) family, you will be happy to know that we are still partially operating.  

Though it’s definitely not business as usual, we are still there to continue helping you to provide essential services to the community … or even just to please your loved ones. 

You will find all our updates, as well as those about our sister companies below:  


Our showroom and our lab are closed due to the lockdown. However, should you require urgent repairs or maintenance for any equipment you own, you can always contact us as our team is there to assist. 


J.Rae & Cie (La Dorade) 

Our sister company takes orders for ingredients and delivers at your doorstep, and will continue doing so until further notice. For more information on the ingredient we have available, or to order, you can visit our website. 


La Boutique Gourmande 

La Boutique Gourmande is closed due to the lockdown’s restrictions. However, our teams are available to take your orders through La Boutique Gourmande’s Facebook page. A big range of ingredients are available in bigger packaging than usual and delivered at our clients’ doorstep, through our sister company J.Rae & Cie (La Dorade). 


We hope you are staying safe during this crisis which we will all overcome. If you’re a baker that is still operating right now, we would like to extend a big thank you for your commitment and hard work. If you can’t wait to reopen and want to give your business the best chance possible to succeed, then you might want to take a look at our range of high-quality industrial baking equipment. After all, COVID-19 won’t last forever, so be ready for it when the time comes.