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Your resolution for 2020: A better production line!

Your resolution for 2020: A better production line!


2020 is nearly here and like most people, you’ve probably written a list of resolutions which you won’t respect. Well, if you’re serious about your business… you might be holding yourself accountable to one of these resolutions: Making sure your production line is smoother and more profitable than ever!

Now that’s something worth respecting. How do you do it? By making sure you’ve got the proper staff and equipment to keep your production line as optimised as possible.

We can’t help you out with the staff (except for training them on the proper use of equipment. Click here to see how) but we can definitely make sure you’ve got state-of-the-art tech in your bakery to fuel your passion and boost your bottom line.

So without further ado, here’s some essential equipment you’ll need to optimise your production line.

1. The Retarder Proofer
If there’s one machine that’s been helping bakers sleep soundly (and longer) every night, the retarder proofer is definitely it. Designed to automate the proofing and retarding process, all you have to do is set a timer and the machine will handle the rest of the process for you. For the best in-line, take a look at Bongard’s range of Retarder-Proofers on our website right here.

2. Semi-Automatic Bread Slicer
You’d be surprised at how many bakeries do not yet have this essential tech on their premises. If you’re one of the unfortunate ones who don’t, we suggest you remedy the problem as early as possible in 2020. It’ll free-up your staff for more essential tasks and ensure you’ve got a production line that’s firing on all cylinders. Need more information on our range, then take a look right here.

Your resolution for 2020: A better production line!

3. The Dough Divider
Getting even dough pretty much right up there in the baking 101 manual. Get it right, and you’ve got a quality product that’ll keep your customers all smiles … but get it wrong and you’re opening yourself up to inconsistent quality, and the possibility of burnt dough. Get your hands on a dough divider for dough that’s evenly distributed and of regular weight.

4. Water Cooler and Mixers
Still measuring the water levels on your production line like the days of yore? Well, you’re putting yourself at risk of recipes which ‘aren’t quite right’ leading to bread that’s either tougher than nails or so soggy that they’re useless. Make sure you get your water levels and temperatures right with one of these beauties.

5. The Oven
The oven is the centrepiece of every bakery. Every Baker needs one and great bakers, need exceptional ones. That’s why we only have the best in stock with brands such as Unox, Bongard and more. To view a sample of our range, visit our website or get in touch with us.

There you go. Our list of essential baking equipment for 2020. Keep in mind that you can try every single machine in our stock at our labs for a period of up to 10 days. Interested? Then click here and we’ll be happy to show you how.

4 choses frustrantes qui se passent dans votre boulangerie

4 frustrating things that happen in your bakery… how to solve them and be ready for the festive season


Murphy’s law clearly states ‘Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.’

That’s never a good thing at the best of times… but when it’s happening at the end of the year and you’ve got 10,000 orders coming your way, it pays to do everything in your power to prove Mr Murphy wrong.

That’s why we’ve listed 4 frustrating things that can happen in your bakery… And, of course, the solutions to avoid them.

1. You’ve burnt a whole tray of bread

Ever smelt burnt bread before? Of course you have, you’re a baker. And like most bakers out there, you know that burnt bread smells just like burnt money.
It happens, of course, but there’s a way to make it happen less. One thing you can do is make sure you’ve got a good dough divider in your kitchen’s arsenal to make sure every load of dough your produce is even in size and thickness hence guaranteeing that your oven doesn’t burn through the unevenly sized ones. Speaking of ovens, having a state of the art of convection oven (like this one) allows you to automatically input your settings eliminating any human error in the process.

2. Your bread is rock-hard or too doughy.

It’s a common problem caused by poorly calculated water levels. Get this essential element wrong and next thing you know, you’ve got bread that’s so hard you can use as a weapon, or dough so soggy you wouldn’t feed it to the dogs. The solution? One of these beautiful machines.

4 frustrating things that happen in your bakery

3. You’re understaffed and overworked

Ah the age-old problem which, quite frankly, shouldn’t exist in 2019 … if you’re equipped right that is. Nowadays, you don’t have to waste man hours on pointless tasks such as dough dividing or waiting for your dough to settle nicely. This machine and this one should free your staff to do more and better in your bakery.

4. You have no idea how to properly use the equipment you’ve got.

Many won’t admit to it, but not knowing what every button and function does on your baking equipment is a problem that plagues many a baker. Thankfully, we’ve got a dedicated team that’s right here to educate you on the proper and optimal use of all the equipment that we offer. Interested? Then check out the services which we offer in our lab and be amazed.

Need more information on what we do? Or just want to check out our stellar equipment line which will change your production for the end of year? Then take a look at our website right here. Happy baking!

The Fornax Team

Water coolers and meters for bakery and pastry professionals

Keep cool and bake: Water meters and coolers


Baking is all about commitment, passion, and hard work … but it also requires a fair bit of finesse and precision to get it right.

Like all cooking professionals, as a baker, one simple mistake in your recipe could mean a lot of time and money lost … so how can you cut down on your chance of making these costly errors? Easy, by making sure the essential ingredient you need to create your bread, pastries and cakes is given the attention it deserves … yes folks we’re talking about water, and more specifically, how to control it.

The importance of a water meter in your bakery.

It’s not the flashiest or most grandiose piece of equipment one would associate with baking, but a water meter is an essential bit of tech for every baker out there.

Get too much water in your mix, and you’ll end up with loaves that are flat and stiff. Don’t put in enough of it and you’ll end up with a product that’s so tough and dry that you could knock someone out with it.

Thankfully, water meters and coolers make sure you can go ahead and bake with complete peace of mind. Designed to dose and mix precise quantities and temperatures of hot and cold water, Bongard’s Dox or Domix water meters are vital to your mixing line.

water coolers and meters for bakeries and pastries

Used by some of the best in the business to guarantee a consistent dough mix, The Dox and Domix are user-friendly machines equipped with digital displays and an electronic control panel.

In other words, all the information you need regarding the temperature or volume of the water for your mix is available at a glance and easy to change … not that you’ll need to do that often, as they allow the possibility to set up or retrieve memorised settings for water discharge. We told you they were user-friendly! For more info on the Dox and Domix, just click right here. 

The Water Cooler – Keeping Things Chill in the Workplace 

No need to remind all of you reading this that temperature is key to baking. From your dough to your water, getting the temperature levels of your flour, water, and even the room will always be at the back of your mind throughout the mixing process. So why not eliminate one of these factors from the equation by adding a water cooler in your production?

Bongard and Fonto are among the best brands around when it comes to water coolers (you can check them out right here.). Durable, and easy to use (it pretty much takes care of itself) the Bongard water cooler will keep your water available at a constant temperature throughout the day. What’s more, there are a variety of models available able to contain up to 90, 120, 250 or 400 litres.

Why not test them in our lab? 

Interested in testing one of these machines out and seeing how they can optimise your production? Then why not get in touch with us by clicking here to come to our labs and test them out for up to 10 days! Now that’s how you try before you buy.



3 essential pieces of equipment that revolutionised baking.


Chances are that if you’re reading this blog, you are a baker. And if that’s the case, congratulations! You’re part of an age-old tradition which has helped fuel humanity to where it is today. 

Across the world, bread has always been at the heart of dinner tables across the world. Not having it there to accompany our daily meals is unthinkable for millions of people. But nobody ever takes a minute to think about how these delicious loaves are made. People just expect that their bread is fresh and ready every morning and that’s that. 

To honour your hard work and that of your contemporaries over the years, we dig into some of the machines that have changed the way you work. So without further ado… 

The Retarder Proofer  

The retarder proofer revolutionised the baking industry when it first burst on the scene. Why? Because it freed up bakers around the world (or those lucky enough to have one) to not be too tied up in the baking process, allowing them to create better quality loaves and plan their day more strategically. 

Way back when, the average baker needed to knead his dough, shape and mold it, wait around for the products to rise, and then put the dough in the oven. The retarder proofer saves bakers about 2 hours of extra work on average (that’s more time for some quality sleep) and guarantees prime quality dough constantly. 

Need a retarder proofer in your life? The Bongard “BFC” Roll in Retarder proofer is one of the best in the game. For more information on this brilliant machine click right here

Fornax - Deck Oven - Bongard

The Semi automatic Bread Slicer 

Bread slicing was never the most fun job on the production line and understandably, it was the first to be automated. Some of the first semi-automatic bread slicing machines were invented in 1928 and completely changed the industry. Consumers loved (and still do) the convenience of sliced bread and the machines used to make them have been improving ever since. The best and latest is none other than MacPan’s semi-automatic bread slicer which you will find right here. 

The oven 

The bread oven is one of the earliest pieces of equipment invented in the world. Evidence of the earliest ovens date back to 4000 years ago and they keep appearing throughout the cultures of Ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome and Medieval Europe (yes bread has been around for a long time). Nowadays bakeries around the world are still using ovens… but they sure have changed. 

Now powered by electricity, fuel or gas, and capable of higher volumes of production than their stone or clay counterparts, having one of these is essential for your production line. Discover our range here.   

There you have it, three pieces of equipment that have had a profound effect on the baking industry. Think we missed anything? Then just get in touch with us to tell us all about it or visit our website to view our full range of products. 


plan your bakery floor plan

Does size matter?… Yes. How to plan your bakery.


In this month’s post, we tackle an age-old question… how do you maximise the space in your bakery with the proper equipment?

If you’re overwhelmed by all the factors to take into consideration when starting a new bakery… don’t worry, you’re not alone. Getting started down this path isn’t easy but then again, nothing worth doing is.

To help all you aspiring entrepreneurs or those who want to optimise their current production, we’re helping you select the right equipment based on the size of your bakery. For this month, we’re taking a look at smaller sized facilities, 30m2 and 50m2… read on.

30m2 Bakeries – Big things come in small packages

plan your bakery 30m2

If you think 30 m2 of space is too cramped to offer any sort of efficient and comfortable workspace for your team… well, you might want to think again. Great leaps in technology mean that some of the most high-tech equipment can easily fit into the smallest of spaces… and deliver great results too.

What you’re looking for is equipment that doesn’t take up too much space, is relatively easy to move around, and packs a lot of punch when it comes to delivering the goods. As mentioned above, technology means that you don’t necessarily have to stick to the basics to fill up your 30 m2 of space. So what do you need? It’s all listed below:

  1. Spiral Mixer Spiral EvO TL 110
  2. Planetary mixer Saturne 3
  3. Mac Pan pastry sheeters
  4. Electric deck oven Orion EvO 801/4.120
  5. Paneotrad EvO
  6. Blast freezer BSP 46.15
  7. Convection oven Krystal 46.10
  8. Retarder-proofer cabinet BFA

50 m2 bakeries – 20m2 of extra options

plan your bakery 50m2

20 M2 of extra space gives you much more wiggle room to add important equipment to your bakery’s productivity. So, if you’re on the fence on whether to splash the cash on some extra real estate, you might want to consider the advantages before saying no. Here’s the floor plan and equipment below:

  1. Water cooler Fonto
  2. Water meter Domix
  3. Spiral mixer Spiral EvO
  4. Concorde 4 and Mercure 4 Dough dividers
  5. Convection oven Krystal 46.10
  6. Modular oven Soleo
  7. Blast freezer BSP
  8. Retarder-proofer BFA 

Our labs and services

Remember that you can test all of the equipment listed above in our lab for up to 10 days and that our team of industry experts can advise you on the equipment you need based on your production size and facilities. So get in touch with us now, and let’s optimise your bakery together.