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Small essentials for hotels


The pastry and bakery business is a real art, which requires precise know-how as much as the right equipment. Apart from the obvious essential equipment such as an oven or refrigerators, there are other small accessories that are absolutely essential to make your day-to-day work easier.

Cooking grates

Cooking grates are essential in a kitchen. Designed for baking, they are extremely functional and can also be used to drain, store and add the finishing touches to your bread and pastries. They are ideal for cooling a batch of cookies or small cakes, without cluttering your work surfaces.

The cooking grates with ledge of the French brand SASA are made of stainless steel, a material resistant to heat and temperature variations.

Cooking trays

You can never have too many baking trays. Perfect for individual portions, they provide excellent thermal heat exchange, resulting in flawless baking results. They come in different dimensions and you can choose their size according to your oven. SASA perforated aluminium plates are your best option for optimised baking.

Baking mat Silpat

The Silpat non-stick baking mats are absolute must-have for anyone who bakes. They are resistant to heat, reusable, are perfect for your sugar creations, pastries and macaroons and adapt to all types of cooking.

High-heat resistant gloves

Hand protection is very important. Get a few pairs of quality high-heat resistant gloves, specially designed for handling hot items.

Contact us to know more about our large range of reliable and quality accessories, suitable for both bakers and semi-industrial purposes.


Your favourite brands are here


Without the right equipment, even the best baker would find it difficult to make good bread and pastries. Outfitting your bakery with the right mix of bakery equipment is crucial to meet the growing demand of your customers.

Renowned brand equipment

Through our carefully selected supply partners, Fornax offers you a complete range of professional equipment for your bakery or pastry shop. For you, we have chosen only international brands, best-of-breed in their field, renown for their outstanding quality, reliability and longevity.


Founded in 1922, Bongard, the French specialist in baking and pastry-making equipment is present in more than 85 countries around the world. Known for its high-performance production units and a wide range of bakery equipment, Bongard is a privileged partner in the baking and pastry-making sector. The brand offers:

  • Manual and automatic equipment for small and large productions
  • Kneaders and dough processing machines
  • Deck, rotary and ventilated ovens
  • Proofing, blast freezing and storage units


For 60 years, the Swiss-German brand Liebherr has been offering premium-quality refrigeration and freezing equipment such as positive and negative refrigerators, robust, compact, and with a capacity of 600 litres.

Mac Pan

Specialising in the art of bread-making, the renowned Italian brand Mac Pan offers fully reliable and long-lasting machineries, all in compliance with CE legislation, which guarantees that all phases of the bread-making process are perfect, from kneading to fermentation of the dough, ensuring a high-quality end product.

Afinox – Eberhardt Frères

Distributed by Eberhardt Frères, Afinox has designed, manufactured and marketed refrigeration equipment for the professional catering sector since 1980 and offers a range of modern, ergonomic, fast cooling cells with distinct specifications.

For each HoReCa, we provide the most efficient top-of-the-line equipment. Come and discover them with us, so that we can guide you in your choice and make sure you get the best to meet your specific needs.

Fornax ovens for bakeries

Krystal and Premion by Bongard: professional convections ovens for small bakehouses

At the heart of the bakehouse, the baker’s oven is the equipment that makes the bakery come alive. Recognised worldwide for their performance and robustness, the European brand Bongard offers ovens that combine modern technology, energy saving and performance. In this range, we are glad to introduce the electric convection ovens “Krystal” and “Premio“, which are designed for small production of all types of baked and pastry products, as well as bread and Danish products.

These compact, easy-to-use ovens will meet everyday production challenges and are recommended for bakeries, hotels, communities and food production units requiring average daily supply. 

fornax blog ovens for bakeriesPractical and reliable

Extremely practical, the ovens Krystal and Premio make it possible to juggle baking bread and pastries. They offer cooking rooms with alternating ventilation and halogen lighting and are fitted with casters for easy and comfortable transportation.

Available in 4 or 10 plates of 400 x 600, or 400 x 800, which is generally equivalent to 16 croissants, chocolate croissants, or Danish breads per plate. They can be configured with or without a steam generator, according to your needs. This high-quality steam allows the cooking of all types of products, even the most hydrated such as éclairs and puff pastry.

The advantages

The Krystal oven is configurable to your needs, can be mounted on a stand or a manual proof box and can be combined with the modular oven Soleo.

The Krystal oven is configurable according to your needs, can be mounted on a base or an oven depending on the model. If you want to work with both a fixed deck oven and a convection oven, it can be combined with the Soleo modular oven, available from us.

The Premio oven offers up to 30 pre-programmed recipes, a two-step door opening and an adjustable fresh air entrance in the baking chamber.

Ideal for small bake houses, mid-sized or versatile ovens are the best options to give you flexibility in use while saving energy. Let us help you choose the best one for your needs.


Hotels’ Bakery Essentials

Baking is an art. You need a dash of creativity,  a trick or two up your sleeve, fresh products and mostly, good kitchen equipment.

On the list of essential equipments to ensure the smooth functioning of your hotel’s kitchen, there are, among others, baking racks, blast freezers and chillers, rotating rack ovens and mixers.

A short presentation of another one of these “must-have” that will make your chefstask easier:

The pastry sheeters, from the Italian brand MacPan

Pastry sheeter fornax mauritius


  • Possibility to work all types of dough, up to very fine thicknesses
  • Rolling cylinder in hard chromium
  • Easy to clean
  • Compact: fits into small baking surfaces
  • Mounted on castors for easy movement

Why choose Fornax?

Our clients’ peace of mind is what we care about most. For more than three decades, we have been providing hotels, bakeries, and other food businesses with trusted brands such as Bongard, Sasa, and Macpan, among others.

We offer a range of services that goes beyond the average level of after-sales service, such as an excellent maintenance service to ensure that you achieve optimum performance from your equipments. We have in-depth knowledge and gladly share our know-how with you.

fornax mauritius bakery equipment bongard

A successful production starts with Bongard

We strongly believe that the success of your production depends a lot on the reliability of your equipment. This is why we bring you only the best, so you can save time, produce more and strive. We would like to introduce our top of range equipment of the renown European brand Bongard – the best of technology for the best of bread.

Today with automation, its easier to achieve a large production in a minimum amount of time.

Cold and Freezing Line

With their superior quality, our fermentation rooms, deep freezers, conservation units and drying cabinets Bongard are essential to achieve the best finished products and are crucial in your manufacturing process. They help you control proofing of dough pieces, blast chill and blast freeze your products before conservation and store them efficiently.

bongard oven fornax mauritius equipment for bakeryMachine Line

Today with automation, its easier to achieve a large production in a minimum amount of time. These machines help you divide your dough into equal dough pieces, shape them, control intermediate proofing and achieve an efficient storage. Our Bongard machine range includes:

Mixing Line

Specially designed for professionals of the food industry, these Bongard equipment accurately measure and mix your ingredients and are absolute essentials that allow you to produce all your recipes perfectly.

Oven Line

Bongard’s complete range offers a selection of ovens, world-renowned for their performance. They were selected according to strict criteria: best value for money, energy saving and safety.

Come discover this professional equipment. It will be our pleasure to guide and advice you according to your needs.