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What’s cooking this new year?

Preparations for Christmas and New Year celebrations in hotels and bakeries start weeks ahead.

During holiday seasons, bakery businesses face the challenge of providing a larger amount of fresh food items that are perishable. Advance preparation can allow a business to take full advantage of this heavy traffic.

Get your Chefs geared up

Getting well equipped will make your life easier and reduce preparation time. For instance, a Dough Divider will help considerably the preparation of buns by dividing dough chunks into equal dough pieces. From baking trays to racks, make sure you have all the necessary accessories you will need for some serious baking.  

With all the festivities, the demand for fresh-from-the-oven baked goods is sky-high. Are you ready?

Prepare in advance

Prepare large amounts of dough in no time with our range of mixers and achieve perfect results. From dough and cake mixers, to kneading machines, we have all the essential equipment for all of your baking needs. Prepare as many products as you can and store them in conservation units.

Sell like hot cakes!

With all the festivities, the demand for fresh-from-the-oven baked goods is sky-high. Bakeries that supply restaurants will also experience additional rushes. Get perfectly baked products with our top-notch ovens.

Get your apron on, we have all that you need to ensure a successful production. Let’s get started!


A High-Quality Oven with Excellent Flexibility

You need a small or medium-sized professional oven for your commercial activity? Reliable, robust and remarkably effective, the convection oven from Bongard won’t let you down.

It Does Everything for You

It bakes perfectly for you puff pastries, pies and cakes, among others. The convection oven makes light work of most types of baking tasks commonly found in Mauritian pastry shops and bakeries, as well as hotels. It can be set up with a steam injector option depending on how it’s going to be used, and is available in 2 models: one with 4 trays and the other with 10, the latter providing excellent yield for pastry-making applications.

Superb Flexibility

Other than the two different models proposed, the oven comes with 30 preprogramed recipes that greatly facilitate your preparations. Just one push on the Start/Stop button will launch the baking mode. This mode of operation allows less experienced operators to use the oven, which can also be used in manual mode by more seasoned bakers.

“The oven comes with 30 preprogramed recipes that allow less experienced operators to use the oven”


Quality End Products

Professionals know about the importance of steam in the bread making process. Without it, breads wouldn’t have their much-loved crunchiness. For well-hydrated Viennese pastries, the convection oven can be equipped with an injector that provides quality steam (the 10 tray oven model comes with 2 injectors).


  • A front made of brushed stainless steel and glass
  • Ergonomic door handles
  • Double-glazed door
  • Stainless steel baking chamber with alternating ventilation cycles
  • Halogen lighting
  • Insulation made of crossed rock wool panels

Bongard: A Reference in Bakery Equipment
Since its creation in 1922, Bongard has grown to become the French leader in bakery and pastry equipment. Exporting its products and expertise internationally, it is now present in 85 countries, including Mauritius, where we are the exclusive distributors for the brand. The convection oven is only one example among the plethora of oven models that we offer to bakery and food trade professionals.


The Right Equipment for Bakeries to Run at Full Capacity!

Are you planning to start a new bakery business? Are you considering a new piece of equipment to enhance the production capabilities of your hotel, restaurant or public institution cooking lab? The choice of equipment for a bakery goes well beyond that of the oven. There’s an assortment of machines that are deemed to be just as important for the efficient production of bread! We’ve come up with a list of major pieces of equipment which make the difference between functional bakeries and high-performing ones.

Spiral Mixers: Dough Kneading Made Easy

The production of the dough is the first operation in the bread-making process. To this end, spiral mixers combine the raw materials. Professional-grade spiral mixers can typically knead up to 200 kg of dough in one sitting.

The quality and robustness of the oven are major factors to take into account, as it will be an investment that is expected to last for years, maybe even more than a decade!

Dough Dividers: For the Production of Equal Dough Pieces

Once the dough has been kneaded, it will have to be divided into dough pieces, before they are baked into loaves. Several models are available:

  • Hydraulic dividers, that ensure an even distribution of dough and weight regularity for dough pieces
  • Bun dividers, that cut and shape the dough into similar-sized balls during one work cycle
  • Volumetric dividers, used for heavy-duty, sustained production of dough pieces

Proofing Chambers & Cabinets

The proofing process is a crucial step necessary to make the dough rise, before the breads can be baked. Depending on the preparation stage, the proofing can be slowed down or accelerated with the right type of equipment, which provide the right temperature for the proceedings. Proofers come in various sizes and can house racks of different dimensions.

The Oven: The Heart of the Bakery

Because the oven will be the centrepiece of your bakery lab, you will have to think carefully about the type of oven you wish to have, depending on your activity. The bread loaves will be of what size? Will you be producing pastries? How many loaves do you expect to bake in a day?

Among the various types of ovens available on the market, you may go for rotating rack, fixed rack, fixed deck or convection ovens. However, you also have to take into consideration the power source of the ovens, which can come in electric, fuel or gas models. Obviously, the quality and robustness of the oven are major factors to take into account, as it will be an investment that is expected to last for years, maybe even more than a decade!

And Many More Machines

The machines listed above represent only the essential equipment needed for bread making. There are many others that can greatly improve the process, such as moulders, dough supporters, water coolers and dispensers for bakers, as well as pastry sheeters and planetary mixers for pastry makers!

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