Ou karay so? How to choose the right oven


The world of bakery and pastry is full of aromas, colours, flavours, and … unfortunately stress. If you are thinking of opening your bakery shop or you want to modernise your existing business, choosing the right equipment for each job is essential to the success of your new venture. Among others, the most fundamental piece of your bakery is your oven. Whether you want to offer quality artisanal bread or personalised cakes and desserts, you must choose the perfect one which will facilitate your work and ensure ideal baking quality.

Choosing your professional oven may look like a difficult task. To help you make the right decision here is all you need to know about ovens we carefully selected for you according to our standards: exceptional quality, reliability, energy efficiency and safety.

Rotating Rack Oven
Also called industrial oven, this oven is made for large bakeries, pastry shops, semi-industrial or industrial use. It has several trays that rotate constantly, making it perfect for mass production. The mechanism introduces steam which is evenly distributed by the ventilation system, ensuring your products are baked faster and flawlessly. The rotating rack oven is not only great for bread, but also for cakes, cookies, pies and pastries. Everything that comes in comes out looking heavenly appetising. It offers different options of sizes, with a maximum capacity of 216 baguettes of 250 g on 18 levels. It can be electric, fuel oil or gas. Choose the one you need depending on the space available and on your production needs.

Fixed Rack Oven
If you own a small bakery and are limited with space, the fixed rack oven is all that you need. This flexible and compact oven will adapt to small spaces without compromising on the production capacity. It can produce as many as 90 baguettes of 250 g on 15 levels or 60 loaves of 400 g on 15 levels, all baked to perfection.

Fixed Deck Oven 
This oven is among the most popular types and delivers even, consistent heat that makes it ideal for controlled baking. It is amazing for pizzas and all types of baked products including danishes and pastries. If you want to have artisan bread stocked in your bakery shop, then this oven is a must-have. It is available in several models and sizes, so you can choose the one that better suits your workspace and your production needs. The fixed deck oven offers between 1 to 6 levels of baking for semi-professional, professional, or industrial applications and can be fuel oil, gas or electric.

Convection Oven
Highly flexible and reliable, convection ovens are the most common professional ones in the market and can be used in restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops, etc. They contain a ventilated system in their chamber which works as a homogeneous heat distributor, and are best for the production of baked goods and pastries, including bread, danishes, cookies, cakes, pies and more. Although convection ovens are available in a range of sizes (4 or 10 decks depending on models), they are really better suited to lower production volumes. They are also really practical as they are mounted on castor rollers and can easily be moved.

Now that you have all the information and you know what type of products you will bake, you can come and see them in our store. You can even try them out with us in our laboratory so we make sure to get you the perfect model!


ovens for bakeries and pastries

Essential Equipment for Danish Pastry production


Who doesn’t love Danish Pastries? Whether you’re running a bakery, or work in the hospitality industry, you know just how much your clients love these bite-sized pieces of sugary goodness.

No wonder demand can quickly outpace production if you’re not prepared. That being said, having any of these trusty allies in your bakery should keep things running smoothly and keep your life sweet.

Deck Oven  Orion EvO

The best friend you never knew you needed. Deck ovens are mostly known for baking bread, but the Orion EvO handles Danish pastry-making with ease and consistency. This machine comes equipped with the user friendly Intuitiv’2 touch screen for ease of use, and is capable of baking high volumes of dough.

fornax bongard oven bakeries pastries

Convection Oven

Known for its versatility, the Krystal Convection oven is not only easy to use, it’s extremely portable as well. Fitted on castors, this convection oven can be moved with ease across the kitchen and can be mounted on a stand or manual proof box.

Rotating Rack Oven

Need to produce a lot of pastries and do it well? Bongard’s rotating rack ovens are just what you need. Built for high volumes of productions, this gem will keep your whole operation running as smoothly as possible.

bogard oven for bakeries and pastries

Whichever you choose, any of these ovens are sure to deliver. But remember, the right oven for you depends on your production needs. So if you need some advice, why not get in touch with us? We’ll be more than happy to help you choose the right one for you.



How to choose your oven?


In the world of pastry chefs and bakers, the oven is a whole story in itself. It represents the very heart and soul of the bakery by being the most crucial element in the bread making process and that of all forms of pastries. It is certainly not chosen lightly and several factors must be taken into consideration, such as performance, versatility, and reliability. Rotative, Convection or Fixed Deck Ovens, they can be found in several models and must be chosen according to what they will be required for. Here is some practical information to help you make the difference:

Fixed Deck Ovens

In general, Fixed Deck Ovens are the most popular and can cook all types of baked products including danishes and pastries. They exist in several models for semi-professional, professional and even industrial uses. Available in different sizes to better suit your workspace and your production needs, they offer between 1 to 6 levels of baking. The different levels are independent from each other and mechanically or electro-mechanically controlled.

Convection Ovens

As its name might suggest, in a Convection Oven, the air is heated in the combustion chamber before being blown by a fan for a homogenous and even baking of bread, danishes or pastries. It is at the top of the list of essentials and is ideal for small catering or production of baked goods and pastries. Highly flexible and reliable, the convection oven can be used in different ways and offers optimal performance. It exists in models of 4 or 10 decks. Another advantage is that it is easy to move thanks to its castor rollers.

Rotative Rack Ovens

This oven, which made its debut in the 70’s, increases the productivity of large bakeries, confectioners, semi-industrial or industrial. Electric, oil or gas, the Rotative Rack Oven, which rotates on itself, ensures a homogenous baking process of the products. The different models offer a production capacity ranging from 108 to 216 baguettes of 250 g, depending on their size. Some can produce up to 360 to 432 half-baguettes of 250 g on 18 decks.

The Fixed Rack Oven, when electric, is versatile and very compact. It adapts to small spaces while offering an interesting production capacity for small bakeries. It can produce 90 baguettes of 250 g on 15 floors or 60 loaves of 400 g on 15 decks.

Since choosing an oven can be a complex decision for a professional, we are at your disposal to guide you in your choice. In our pursuit to offer you the best technology for the best bread, we offer our range of ovens from the prestigious European brand Bongard, which you can test in our lab.



Bongard’s rotating racks oven under the projectors!


The story behind Bongard’s Ovens

Founded in 1922 by Oscar Bongard, the company first started out by repairing baking equipment that had been damaged during the Great War. Innovation and passion being two fundamental pillars of the company, the construction of ovens was grafted onto the original activity and as a result, Bongard, soon after, patented its first brick oven with direct intermittent heat. Surviving the Second World War, the company created the first oven indirectly heated by slightly inclined “Perkins’ steam tubes in 1946. From this point forward, the company started to produce semi-metal, followed by integral metal ovens.  After years of research to replicate the ideal baking quality of brick ovens, Bongard launched and patented the Cervap in 1967. Economical, silent with high inertia, this oven remains a bestseller still today and has considerably contributed to making Bongard a reference in the baking equipment sector. The innovation never ceased and in 1972, the first oven heated by electric elements was born. The year 1975 marked a big step forward by launching the first oven with rotary tracks called the “G1” which revolutionised the baking world, making it possible to bake a rack of 180 baguettes at once and in only 24 minutes. By improving the features that determined the success of its predecessors, Bongard launched the Oscar Oven in 1997, a rack oven capable of baking up to 152x250g baguettes on 19 levels or 96x400g loaves on 16 levels. Since then and until now, Bongard has never ceased to innovate in rotary rack ovens when it comes to offering cutting edge technology, perfectly satisfying the needs of artisan and industrial bakers wishing to produce large quantities of bread.

The Series 3 Range

Rotary Rack Oven is well recognized in the bakery industry for delivering exceptional performance and easy handling of multi-tasking processes in a fast paced working environment. Part of the Serie 3 range which are the most successful rack ovens on the market, the 6.43 – Electric, Fuel-Oil or Gas is designed for pastry shops and bakers and is the slimmest of the range thus finding its place in most cramped bakeries. Multipurpose, it can bake the most delicate products and up to a capacity of 108 short baguettes of 200 g or 150 rolls of 60 g on 18 levels. Equipped with Bongard steam generators producing high quality steam in sufficient quantity for the whole height of the rack along with its gentle ventilation, thus distributing even heat without drying the products.

The 8.43 MG is an Electric, Fuel-Oil or Gas rotating rack compacted oven is ideal for bakers, pastry chefs and caterers and also fits most cramped spaces. With its rear heat exchanger, it guarantees even baking all day long with the capacity of producing 108 baguettes of 250 g or 200 rolls of 60 g on 18 levels or 60 loaves of 400 g on 15 levels on 400 x 800 or 460 x 800 mm tray sizes. Designed for big production scales with its 150 mm thick door, oversized hinges and safety clutch on the rack drive, this oven is robust and easy to operate.  

The last of the Series 3 is the 10.83-Electric, Fuel-Oil or Gas especially designed for large bakeries, pastry shops, semi-industrial or industrial use. Multipurpose and productive along with its very large capacity and high energy efficiency makes high performance one of its main characteristics. With its large rack payload, its production output varies between 180 to 216 baguettes of 250 g on 18 levels or 108 to 135 loaves of 400 g on 15 levels and 360 to 432 half-baguettes of 250 g on 18 levels.  Some of its advantages include oversized front features, door and hinges, slow ventilation avoiding drying of products and technical accessibility by the front of the oven making it a must have in your industrial kitchen.

Fornax bongard rotating racks oven

The Series 4 Range

The Series 4 Range has the most compact ovens on the market and in an environment where every square meter costs money and must be used, Series 4 ovens will optimise your space, ensuring maximum baking surface. For example, the 8.64 – Electric, Fuel-Oil or Gas Oven is 1440 mm wide, 2080 mm deep and 2300 mm high. Built-in on both sides, Series 4 Range ovens can be installed in a row or in a corner of the bakery. The door handle and the control panel are located on the left as the standard ovens. However, this can be easily inverted on order to meet all configurations, without additional cost. It is equipped with a range of technology including, excellent performance by guaranteeing remarkable and even baking quality. Moreover, it is ecological and versatile but mostly, it allows for easy cleaning and maintenance. The glass facade on the ovens is designed to integrate hygiene and cleanability to meet the most stringent European standards. On the production scale, using 600 x 800 mm racks, this oven can produce 256 half-baguettes of 250 g on 16 levels or 128 baguettes of 250 g on 16 levels or 320 small loaves of 50 g on 16 levels

Comfort for bakers: a subject at the heart of Bongard’s philosophy!

In addition to creating more baking space while using less floor space, the Bongard’s ovens are extremely robust and are designed to maintain their appearance and performance under intensive working conditions without waiting times between bakes. Their rotary rack ovens are made in polished stainless steel cutting down on cleaning and maintenance. Last but not least, with their expertise in offering exceptional performance oriented as well as technologically advanced range of ovens, on top of having a  rich and in-depth experience in the field of baking equipment, Bongard easily delivers equipment that helps in achieving the best of baking quality in terms of shine, texture and crust that is required in baked delicacies.

Fornax ovens for bakeries

Krystal and Premion by Bongard: professional convections ovens for small bakehouses

At the heart of the bakehouse, the baker’s oven is the equipment that makes the bakery come alive. Recognised worldwide for their performance and robustness, the European brand Bongard offers ovens that combine modern technology, energy saving and performance. In this range, we are glad to introduce the electric convection ovens “Krystal” and “Premio“, which are designed for small production of all types of baked and pastry products, as well as bread and Danish products.

These compact, easy-to-use ovens will meet everyday production challenges and are recommended for bakeries, hotels, communities and food production units requiring average daily supply. 

fornax blog ovens for bakeriesPractical and reliable

Extremely practical, the ovens Krystal and Premio make it possible to juggle baking bread and pastries. They offer cooking rooms with alternating ventilation and halogen lighting and are fitted with casters for easy and comfortable transportation.

Available in 4 or 10 plates of 400 x 600, or 400 x 800, which is generally equivalent to 16 croissants, chocolate croissants, or Danish breads per plate. They can be configured with or without a steam generator, according to your needs. This high-quality steam allows the cooking of all types of products, even the most hydrated such as éclairs and puff pastry.

The advantages

The Krystal oven is configurable to your needs, can be mounted on a stand or a manual proof box and can be combined with the modular oven Soleo.

The Krystal oven is configurable according to your needs, can be mounted on a base or an oven depending on the model. If you want to work with both a fixed deck oven and a convection oven, it can be combined with the Soleo modular oven, available from us.

The Premio oven offers up to 30 pre-programmed recipes, a two-step door opening and an adjustable fresh air entrance in the baking chamber.

Ideal for small bake houses, mid-sized or versatile ovens are the best options to give you flexibility in use while saving energy. Let us help you choose the best one for your needs.

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