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Burnt bread. It’s the nightmare of every baker out there.

To customers, it’s a sign of shoddy workmanship. And for a bakery’s production manager, it’s a product which can never be sold.

In other words, burnt loaves and buns of bread are an incredible waste of time and money.

Often caused by unevenly divided bread dough, the introduction of dough dividers has helped bakeries around the world reduce this problem by automating a process prone to human error.

More importantly, it frees your staff up to complete tasks which require skill and care, safe in the knowledge that a dough divider is delivering a dough of consistent quality throughout the production process. And yes, it also makes for a less monotonous workday too!

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The Right Dough Divider for you

Dough dividers are one of the key pieces of equipment which separates a small production from a larger one. If you’re willing to take your production to the next level or upgrade your current equipment, a machine which is reliable, efficient, and easy to use is key.

Thankfully, we have just what you need!

Hydraulic Dividers 

Bongard’s “Concorde 4” and “Mercure 4” are among the best in the business. 

Designed to be silent during their operations and equipped with an anti-flour projection device, they work away tirelessly and quietly to help you get the quality product you need. They are also easy to use thanks to an ergonomic control panel.

Bun Divider – Rounder

Speed and quality define Bongard’s Divider – Rounder Eris SA. Able to perfectly divide and round dough within mere seconds, this machine is designed for precision and is able to keep up with the most demanding of production schedules. What’s more, sturdy construction means that this machine is built to last and can halve your production time. Get in touch with us now for more information.  

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 Volume Dividers 

Bongard’s “DVP” volume divider is a workhorse designed to keep up with the high workload of a larger production process. This is an automatic machine capable of running for long periods of time and can produce dough pieces of up to 1500 g depending on the model you choose.

Our lab 

Still don’t know what to choose? Then our lab is just what you need. Our sales team will explain every machine to you and you will even be able to test them. What’s more, Chefs and Bakers can spend up to one week testing our products in the Lab. Now that’s the ideal “try before you buy” service. Follow this link for more information.