Essential equipment for your new Bakery


Congratulations! You’re opening a new bakery.

To help get you started, we’ve created a list of essential products you should have. Offering value for money, having any of these in your bakery kitchen will set your new venture down the right path. Happy reading…

“The” Oven

If you’re aiming for versatility, Bongard’ Krsytal Convection Oven is one of the best on the market. Able to cover all your baking needs and available in different deck capacities, the Krystal Convection Oven is a baker’ or large scale caterer’s ideal companion.

BFC – Retarder Proofer

Gone are the days where bakers had to come in early in the morning, make their dough and bake it on the spot. Well, those days are gone for those with a Retarder – Proofer in their bakery’s arsenal, to be precise. If you’d love to sleep in longer before a day’s work,  The Bongard BFC Retarder-Proofer is the perfect ally.


No matter which shape you need to apply to your dough, you’ll need a reliable moulder to help you out. If you want to save time in the handling of your dough pieces, you’ll find nothing better than the Moulders by Bongard.

For more information on our moulders, please visit this page

Pastry Sheeters:

Save yourself valuable time by using a pastry sheeter. Able to work on various types of dough, once you get your hands on one of these machines, you’ll never go back to the manual process. Made in Italy, our pastry sheeters are an efficient and reliable ally to have in your lab.

Dough Divider

Dividing dough manually can be tiresome and time intensive. Dough dividers streamline the process and allow for a much more precise division. Our range of dough dividers is ideal for bakeries which produce high volumes of dough, and require speed and consistency.

Spiral mixers

Spiral mixers are ideal for professionals who need to produce high volumes of dough. Veritable workhorses, these mixers will adjust the heat and quality of the mix, no matter how much dough you throw at them.

Planetary mixer

For smaller sized operations or a chef that needs to do a little bit of everything, Bongard’s Planetary Mixer is an ally of choice. Sold with accessories to improve its versatility and with various bowl sizes, this is the jack of all trades you need in your brand new kitchen.

Purchasing a combination ( or all ) of the items listed above is sure to get your brand new bakery off to a great start. As this is a brief overview of the equipment we have available, we strongly suggest you visit our website to view our full range. Or better yet, get in touch with us! And we’ll be delighted to offer our advice.