How to choose your oven?


In the world of pastry chefs and bakers, the oven is a whole story in itself. It represents the very heart and soul of the bakery by being the most crucial element in the bread making process and that of all forms of pastries. It is certainly not chosen lightly and several factors must be taken into consideration, such as performance, versatility, and reliability. Rotative, Convection or Fixed Deck Ovens, they can be found in several models and must be chosen according to what they will be required for. Here is some practical information to help you make the difference:

Fixed Deck Ovens

In general, Fixed Deck Ovens are the most popular and can cook all types of baked products including danishes and pastries. They exist in several models for semi-professional, professional and even industrial uses. Available in different sizes to better suit your workspace and your production needs, they offer between 1 to 6 levels of baking. The different levels are independent from each other and mechanically or electro-mechanically controlled.

Convection Ovens

As its name might suggest, in a Convection Oven, the air is heated in the combustion chamber before being blown by a fan for a homogenous and even baking of bread, danishes or pastries. It is at the top of the list of essentials and is ideal for small catering or production of baked goods and pastries. Highly flexible and reliable, the convection oven can be used in different ways and offers optimal performance. It exists in models of 4 or 10 decks. Another advantage is that it is easy to move thanks to its castor rollers.

Rotative Rack Ovens

This oven, which made its debut in the 70’s, increases the productivity of large bakeries, confectioners, semi-industrial or industrial. Electric, oil or gas, the Rotative Rack Oven, which rotates on itself, ensures a homogenous baking process of the products. The different models offer a production capacity ranging from 108 to 216 baguettes of 250 g, depending on their size. Some can produce up to 360 to 432 half-baguettes of 250 g on 18 decks.

The Fixed Rack Oven, when electric, is versatile and very compact. It adapts to small spaces while offering an interesting production capacity for small bakeries. It can produce 90 baguettes of 250 g on 15 floors or 60 loaves of 400 g on 15 decks.

Since choosing an oven can be a complex decision for a professional, we are at your disposal to guide you in your choice. In our pursuit to offer you the best technology for the best bread, we offer our range of ovens from the prestigious European brand Bongard, which you can test in our lab.