Improve your activity with Baker’s Accessories


A well-run bakery is made of many parts. 

Your staff, with their dedication and experience, comes first. Then, there’s your baking equipment, and last, but certainly not least, are the accessories you use.

It’s easy to forget just how important accessories are to keep your bakery running at maximum efficiency. You use them every day, and probably don’t give them much thought. You might not even be investing in quality items. After all, you can always get new ones whenever you need them, right? 

Well, the truth is that replacing accessories might be one of the biggest money drains you’ll ever encounter in your bakery. It’s best to invest in quality equipment and not throw used items in the trash every two to three months. We have a range of affordable but quality accessories, which will prove to be a great addition to your bakery and boost your productivity. 



Here’s what we have on offer: 

The Essentials: Cooking Gloves, Baking Racks, and Proofing Containers 

Cooking Gloves are your first line of defence from a significant hazard in your bakery: Heat. 

Durable and comfortable, our leather gloves offer optimal protection for the wearer and are built to resist temperatures of up to 300 degrees Celsius! 

  • Extra length to protect the arms
  • Extra durable thanks to their leather padding

Our Bread Proofing Trays are a “buy and forget” item that will see years-of-use in your bakery.  

  • Easy to clean
  • Highly resistant to heat and cold, 
  • The round model (480 x 160 mm) with a capacity of 19 litres is available
  • The rectangular model (400*300*75 mm) with a capacity of 20 is also available

Baking Racks are invaluable workhorses for keeping your productivity practical and fast. 

  • Excellent resistance to weight and shock. 
  • 14 levels for trays 600 x 400 mm
  • Stainless steel food grade
  • High-temperature resin wheels

The Bakery’s Basics: Baking trays, Grids and Non-Stick Liners 

Baking trays, grids and non-stick liners are at the core of your baking efforts. These versatile items are highly effective in proofing, in baking, to guarantee that the shape of every loaf is consistent. Most baking trays and grids are non-stick and anti-abrasive and will stay in service for long while Silpat®️ non-stick liners are the go-to product of many bakers around the world. Here’s our selection, available at all times: 

  • Silpat®️ Liner 600 x 400 mm
  • Silpat®️ for Macaroons 330 x 480 mm
  • Inox Grids 600 x 400 mm
  • Silicon-lined baking trays 600 x 400 mm
  • Perforated, silicon-lined baking trays 600 x 400 mm

If you would like more information on these great accessories, and to place an order, reach out to us. We’d love to discuss how we can help boost your productivity.