In 2019, my production laboratory gets a makeover


This year will be a year of change, a year during which you’ll take your business to new heights. To help you in your endeavour, you have decided to equip your production laboratory with all sorts of small equipment and machines. Well, look no further; you have come to the right place. Fornax has everything you need and so much more.

With the array of existing machines on the market, you no longer need to spend days and nights preparing everything for an event. Just choose your equipment wisely and you can meet all the challenges that will come your way. You will hardly need to get your hands dirty anymore. Here’s a quick overview of some of the equipment we offer.


Our stainless steel spiral mixers of the brand ‘Bongard’ are available in several models that can knead 0.7 kg to 125 kg of flour, or 2.7 kg to 200 kg of dough. They mix the ingredients, knead the dough and cut it. They basically do ‘just everything’.

Planetary Mixers

We offer three models of planetary mixers with capacities ranging from 20 to 60 litres. They come with a bowl and three mixing tools (whisk, spiral and paddle).


Our moulders shape and lengthen dough pieces for all types of bread. You can also install them on leg supports, on a resting cabinet, a table or an evacuation conveyor. If you do not have a lot of room and still want to optimise your production capacity, this is the moulder you need.

Dough Dividers

Hydraulic dividers of the brand ‘Bongard’ are designed to divide dough chunks, which have been previously weighed into equal dough pieces. We offer two models: the ‘Concorde 4’ with a round tank and the ‘Mercure 4’ with a rectangular tank. These dividers allow a homogeneous distribution of the dough and a regularity in the weight of the dough pieces.

Resting Chambers or ‘Balancers’

As a professional baker, you know that good pre-fermentation is essential. Our resting chambers have a high storage capacity and our ‘balancers’, even more. Another argument in favour of the ‘balancer’: it is equipped with humidity extractors and UV lamps fitted to fight germs.

Pastry Sheeters

Rolling out dough has never been easier than with our ‘MacPan’ pastry sheeters. It is possible to work all types of dough – pastry or baking – of different thicknesses up to the thinnest one.

Semi-automatic Bread Slicers

Slicing dozens and dozens of bread loaves by hand would be way too tedious. With our semi-automatic slicers, you can slice your bread efficiently.