Machine Line

Don’t put your finger in the pie!

Regardless of the size of your project, automation exists to ease your task! No need for a week preparation in advance for a big event: our range of machines allows you to accept challenging orders and deliver them in due time!

Hydraulic Dividers

The “Concorde 4” and “Mercure 4” hydraulic dividers from Bongard are designed to divide previously weighed dough chunks into equal dough pieces. The two models differ by the shape of their tanks: round for the ‘Concorde 4’ and rectangular for the ‘Mercure 4’. They have been specifically designed to ensure an even distribution of dough and regular weights for dough pieces.

• Precise cutting
• The dough is easily distributed in the bowl
• Flour clog resistant, electromechanical buttons
• Equipped with a contraption that prevents flour projection
• Easy cleaning of cutters, cover and bowl
• Machines can be easily moved
• Receptacle to collect excess flour

Bun Dividers

The ‘Bongard’ “DB2” and “DB3” cut and shape the dough into similar-sized balls, during one work cycle.

• Dough pieces of regular size & weight are formed
• No unnecessary pressure on the dough
• Easily cleaned
• Possibility to adjust the moulding and pressure time
• The DB2 model uses manual settings, whereas the DB3 model comes in semi-automatic or fully automatic versions.

The number and weight of dough balls produced depends on the selected machine. The amount varies from 14 to 52 pieces, while the weight varies from 50 to 250 grams.grammes.

Volume Dividers

The “DVP” volume divider is an automatic machine designed to divide dough into dough pieces. Its defining feature lies in its capacity to be used for sustained production of dough pieces.

• Regularity in producing dough pieces of similar weight
• Very flexible use
• Possible to use the machine for a very long period of time

• 6 machine models available, producing dough pieces from 50 to 1500 g
• Yield: from 900 to 1800 pieces per hour
• Hopper capacity: 160 kg


The “Major” moulder shapes and lengthens dough pieces for all types of bread. This moulder can be installed on leg supports, on a resting cabinet, a table or on an evacuation conveyor. It is an ideal asset for bakers/pastry chefs who wish to have a good production capacity (2000 pieces per hour, depending on the model) while saving space.

• Cast aluminium frame
• Easy to use
• Easy to adjust settings using ergonomic handles
• Compact in size
• Silent

Dough Supporters

The “RP” dough supporter is used for intermediate proofing. It has a high storage capacity and is loaded and unloaded manually.

• Compact
• Easy to use
• Quiet operation

Resting Chambers or “balancers”

Resting chambers work in more or less the same way as a dough supporter does. Its defining features are its large storage capacity and its high output: from 900 to 1200 pieces per hour, depending on models.

• Easy to use
• With humidity extractors
• UV lamps fitted to fight germs
• Choice of models with manual (with carriers) or automatic settings


The “Paneotrad”, designed by Bongard, is a machine designed to make traditional-style breads. It suits all types of bread making for which the priority goes to finding a relatively irregular breadcrumb structure. Revolutionary in its concept, the Paneotrad maintains the dough’s structure, without degassing or using stressful operations such as traditional dough dividing and moulding. This makes the crumb well balanced, more resistant, while it keeps a soft, elastic feel and a remarkable flavour.

Operating Principle
A specific dividing & moulding tub that contains the dough to be shaped is placed in the Paneotrad. An equalising tray then flattens the dough. Depending on the shape chosen by the baker to be installed on the Paneotrad, the dough undergoes one or several cuts to obtain the required amount of dough pieces. Once shaped, it may be directly baked, or stored in a chiller until the next baking.

• Over 20 shapes available
• User friendly
• Time-saving production process
• Compact, easy to fit the lab
• Exceptional dough making quality
• Easy to clean
• Better quality of life at work

Pastry Sheeters

Our pastry sheeters, from the Italian brand “MacPan”, allow you to roll out your pastry or baking dough. We offer several models, each with its own specificities.

• Possibility to work all types of dough, up to very fine thicknesses
• Rolling cylinder in hard chromium
• Easy to clean
• Compact, fits into small baking surfaces
• Mounted on castors for easy movement

Semi-automatic Bread Slicers

Our “MacPan” semi-automatic bread slicers allow you to efficiently prepare your sliced bread loaves.

• Models available: the “MPT”, mounted on four wheels; and the “mini” to be used on table-tops or flat surfaces
• A lever that’s easy to pull
• Can cut slices ranging from 8 to 22 mm