Mixing Line

Everything is about “following the recipe”…

Mixing machines make it possible to achieve perfect results by following bakery recipes to a tee. They are essential pieces of equipment to bakeries, pastry producers, food service companies as well as small food preparation labs. We provide dough and cake mixers, kneading machines, water chillers and other essential equipment for all of your baking needs and recipes.


Its operating principle is very simple: water is stored inside the machine’s tank and cooled off by a R404 refrigerating gas coil. The thermostat inside the machine controls the water temperature to the nearest 10th of a degree. The water then flows out either by gravity or by water pump action.

• Makes water available at constant temperature
• Easy to use
• Compact size
• Control panel includes thermostat and thermometer
• Steel body and food-grade stainless steel coil

• Tank volume of 90, 120, 250 or 400 litres depending on model
• Water capacity per hour, from + 20°C to +1°C: 50, 120, 180 or 300 litres, depending on model


The “Fonto” cools water by injecting it through a hermetically sealed circuit situated in a tank that is cooled by the action of ice accumulation.

• Stainless steel finish
• No risk of water contamination as the chilled water is not in contact with ambient air
• Water is not accumulated
• No water pump required

• Water capacity from + 20°C to + 3°C per hour: from 45 to 180 litres depending on models
• The Fonto 45, 60 and 90 models feature one tank
• The Fonto 120 and 180 models feature two tanks


The Dox-Domix water from Bongard meters dose and mix precise quantities and temperatures of hot and cold water for the dough-making process. Its operating principle is simple: the water meter is connected to the main water source, hot water source and to the water cooler. The monitoring screen and the thermostatic knob are user-friendly and will allow the user to view the temperature and the amount of water needed for the recipe.

• Useful for consistent dough mixing
• Electronic control panel
• Information displayed digitally
• 4 to 5 mm thick composite structure
• Back flow valve
• Possibility to set up or retrieve memorised settings for the water discharge

The “Dox” model allows the temperature to be adjusted to the nearest 10th of a degree.
The “Domix” model features the same functionality, with the use of a thermostatic button.


Several models of water meters are available under the “Stoppil” brand. They provide great accuracy thanks to a click and ratchet system.

• Mechanical water meter
• No temperature mixing option
• Water temperature is indicated by a thermometer
• Water pressure required: minimum of 0.15 bar (1.5 m from tank bottom to water meter)

• With manual temperature mixing
• Water pressure required: minimum of 0.2 bar (2 m from tank bottom to water meter)

• Has a thermostatic mixing faucet
• Features a knob with highly visible graduations to guarantee precise and quick setting of temperatures from 1 °C to 25 °C
• Water pressure required: minimum of 1 bar (10m)


Compact and robust, the “Bongard” brand of spiral mixers are built in stainless steel. They are available in several models, with capacities ranging from 0.7 to 125 kg of flour, or 2.7 to 200 kg of dough.

Operating principle – The required ingredients are put into the stainless steel bowl of the spiral mixer. The 1st speed mixes all the ingredients. The 2nd speed mixes the ingredients in a dough mass, cutting the dough for homogenisation, softness and elasticity.

In order to meet the requirements of bakers, the “Bongard” brand also provides other models of spiral mixers, tilting bowl mixers, or fork type mixers. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information on all our line of mixers.


The Saturne 3 by Bongard is a planetary mixer designed for small laboratories, pastry shops, bakeries, hotels or commercial kitchens.The planetary mixers are available in three models, ranging from 20 to 60 litres.

• Ideal for working with small quantities and delicate products
• A rotating grid makes the process completely safe while the mixer runs
•Possible to use a tank of lower size: for example, a 20 L Saturne 3 model can accept a 10 L tank
• Delivered with 3 types of mixing tools (whisk, spiral, paddle)
• A heater accessory can be fitted underneath the bowl