Keep cool and bake: Water meters and coolers


Baking is all about commitment, passion, and hard work … but it also requires a fair bit of finesse and precision to get it right.

Like all cooking professionals, as a baker, one simple mistake in your recipe could mean a lot of time and money lost … so how can you cut down on your chance of making these costly errors? Easy, by making sure the essential ingredient you need to create your bread, pastries and cakes is given the attention it deserves … yes folks we’re talking about water, and more specifically, how to control it.

The importance of a water meter in your bakery.

It’s not the flashiest or most grandiose piece of equipment one would associate with baking, but a water meter is an essential bit of tech for every baker out there.

Get too much water in your mix, and you’ll end up with loaves that are flat and stiff. Don’t put in enough of it and you’ll end up with a product that’s so tough and dry that you could knock someone out with it.

Thankfully, water meters and coolers make sure you can go ahead and bake with complete peace of mind. Designed to dose and mix precise quantities and temperatures of hot and cold water, Bongard’s Dox or Domix water meters are vital to your mixing line.

water coolers and meters for bakeries and pastries

Used by some of the best in the business to guarantee a consistent dough mix, The Dox and Domix are user-friendly machines equipped with digital displays and an electronic control panel.

In other words, all the information you need regarding the temperature or volume of the water for your mix is available at a glance and easy to change … not that you’ll need to do that often, as they allow the possibility to set up or retrieve memorised settings for water discharge. We told you they were user-friendly! For more info on the Dox and Domix, just click right here. 

The Water Cooler – Keeping Things Chill in the Workplace 

No need to remind all of you reading this that temperature is key to baking. From your dough to your water, getting the temperature levels of your flour, water, and even the room will always be at the back of your mind throughout the mixing process. So why not eliminate one of these factors from the equation by adding a water cooler in your production?

Bongard and Fonto are among the best brands around when it comes to water coolers (you can check them out right here.). Durable, and easy to use (it pretty much takes care of itself) the Bongard water cooler will keep your water available at a constant temperature throughout the day. What’s more, there are a variety of models available able to contain up to 90, 120, 250 or 400 litres.

Why not test them in our lab? 

Interested in testing one of these machines out and seeing how they can optimise your production? Then why not get in touch with us by clicking here to come to our labs and test them out for up to 10 days! Now that’s how you try before you buy.