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Water 101: Introduction to water in baking

Breadmaking is a process that seems simple. However, there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye. It requires various different ingredients, ranging from flour, salt, yeast and many more. Those different mixtures are made of compounds that are activated and blended with an essential yet elementary element, that being water. Let’s just say that without water, there would be no dough and without the exact amount water at the right temperature, your final product would not meet your expectation. Indeed, water is responsible for triggering all natural chemical processes in the dough but it also controls the temperature while hydrating the components. Although easy to overlook, water has a prominent effect on the dough: the use of too much water would render your bread flat and stiff and too little water would lead to toughness and dryness. Such is the importance of water.

Bonjour Bongard!

To avoid bad surprises, we bring you a leading french specialist in baking and pastry-making equipment. Founded in 1922 and present in more than 85 countries with their high performance production units and innovative capacity, the science of bread is made easy with Bongard. Their expertise and know-how make them a privileged partner in the baking and pastry-making sector. The company offers a wide range of equipment from ovens, kneaders and dough processing machines to temperature controlled storage units.

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Water + Bongard = Bongard Water Meter

One of its equipment is the Dox-Domix water meter which is a lifesaver when it comes to baking bread especially in big or industrial quantities. The Dox-Domix water meter & mixer range doses and mixes the precise quantity and hot and/or cold water temperature needed for the dough. The water temperature is measured and displayed directly on a monitor. The water meter also keeps the temperature constant throughout the dosage, avoiding the deterioration of yeast through thermal shocks. On top of that, the operating principle is very easy. The water meter & mixers are connected to the main water supply, hot water and water cooler. Depending on the selected programme, they determine the quantity and ideal temperature of water needed for the recipe, thus allowing less margin for error. Easy enough to operate, the mix water is obtained using a thermostatic button.

Unfolding the science of bread

Water is probably the most overlooked ingredient in the bread making process. Once it gets the attention it deserves, the quality of your baked goods will undoubtedly improve. Luckily, the Bongard Water Meter is here to help. Just sit back and enjoy the magical process of flour and water metamorphosing into heavenly bread.