Krystal and Premion by Bongard: professional convections ovens for small bakehouses

At the heart of the bakehouse, the baker’s oven is the equipment that makes the bakery come alive. Recognised worldwide for their performance and robustness, the European brand Bongard offers ovens that combine modern technology, energy saving and performance. In this range, we are glad to introduce the electric convection ovens “Krystal” and “Premio“, which are designed for small production of all types of baked and pastry products, as well as bread and Danish products.

These compact, easy-to-use ovens will meet everyday production challenges and are recommended for bakeries, hotels, communities and food production units requiring average daily supply. 

fornax blog ovens for bakeriesPractical and reliable

Extremely practical, the ovens Krystal and Premio make it possible to juggle baking bread and pastries. They offer cooking rooms with alternating ventilation and halogen lighting and are fitted with casters for easy and comfortable transportation.

Available in 4 or 10 plates of 400 x 600, or 400 x 800, which is generally equivalent to 16 croissants, chocolate croissants, or Danish breads per plate. They can be configured with or without a steam generator, according to your needs. This high-quality steam allows the cooking of all types of products, even the most hydrated such as éclairs and puff pastry.

The advantages

The Krystal oven is configurable to your needs, can be mounted on a stand or a manual proof box and can be combined with the modular oven Soleo.

The Krystal oven is configurable according to your needs, can be mounted on a base or an oven depending on the model. If you want to work with both a fixed deck oven and a convection oven, it can be combined with the Soleo modular oven, available from us.

The Premio oven offers up to 30 pre-programmed recipes, a two-step door opening and an adjustable fresh air entrance in the baking chamber.

Ideal for small bake houses, mid-sized or versatile ovens are the best options to give you flexibility in use while saving energy. Let us help you choose the best one for your needs.