Ou karay so? How to choose the right oven


The world of bakery and pastry is full of aromas, colours, flavours, and … unfortunately stress. If you are thinking of opening your bakery shop or you want to modernise your existing business, choosing the right equipment for each job is essential to the success of your new venture. Among others, the most fundamental piece of your bakery is your oven. Whether you want to offer quality artisanal bread or personalised cakes and desserts, you must choose the perfect one which will facilitate your work and ensure ideal baking quality.

Choosing your professional oven may look like a difficult task. To help you make the right decision here is all you need to know about ovens we carefully selected for you according to our standards: exceptional quality, reliability, energy efficiency and safety.

Rotating Rack Oven
Also called industrial oven, this oven is made for large bakeries, pastry shops, semi-industrial or industrial use. It has several trays that rotate constantly, making it perfect for mass production. The mechanism introduces steam which is evenly distributed by the ventilation system, ensuring your products are baked faster and flawlessly. The rotating rack oven is not only great for bread, but also for cakes, cookies, pies and pastries. Everything that comes in comes out looking heavenly appetising. It offers different options of sizes, with a maximum capacity of 216 baguettes of 250 g on 18 levels. It can be electric, fuel oil or gas. Choose the one you need depending on the space available and on your production needs.

Fixed Rack Oven
If you own a small bakery and are limited with space, the fixed rack oven is all that you need. This flexible and compact oven will adapt to small spaces without compromising on the production capacity. It can produce as many as 90 baguettes of 250 g on 15 levels or 60 loaves of 400 g on 15 levels, all baked to perfection.

Fixed Deck Oven 
This oven is among the most popular types and delivers even, consistent heat that makes it ideal for controlled baking. It is amazing for pizzas and all types of baked products including danishes and pastries. If you want to have artisan bread stocked in your bakery shop, then this oven is a must-have. It is available in several models and sizes, so you can choose the one that better suits your workspace and your production needs. The fixed deck oven offers between 1 to 6 levels of baking for semi-professional, professional, or industrial applications and can be fuel oil, gas or electric.

Convection Oven
Highly flexible and reliable, convection ovens are the most common professional ones in the market and can be used in restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops, etc. They contain a ventilated system in their chamber which works as a homogeneous heat distributor, and are best for the production of baked goods and pastries, including bread, danishes, cookies, cakes, pies and more. Although convection ovens are available in a range of sizes (4 or 10 decks depending on models), they are really better suited to lower production volumes. They are also really practical as they are mounted on castor rollers and can easily be moved.

Now that you have all the information and you know what type of products you will bake, you can come and see them in our store. You can even try them out with us in our laboratory so we make sure to get you the perfect model!