Our difference: High-quality equipment backed by impeccable services!


The bakery and pastry world is a demanding and highly competitive industry in which bakers’ and pastry chefs’ competitiveness and know-how depend on the quality of equipment involved in their daily production. Indeed, as the saying goes, “you can tell a good workman by his tools”, the success of any business depends largely on the quality and reliability of its range of equipment.

For a professional working in this field, pastry and bakery machines are crucial because they determine the quality and the quantity of the production results. Indeed, a good pastry chef or baker cannot achieve an excellent result if his equipment cannot keep up with the production pace or even worst if they deteriorate easily. As a result, we offer professional machines and accessories specially designed to help those who produce on a large scale.

Our Machines

We are committed to bringing on the market top quality, efficient and ergonomic equipment from internationally known European brands such as Bongard, MacPan, Liebherr and Sasa for cooking accessories. These bakery and bakery equipment specialists meet the requirements of any baker or pastry chef and have earned their undisputed reputation thanks to their high-performance production units and their ability to innovate. From ovens, freezers, moulders, dough dividers, pastry sheeters, water coolers and metres to fermenting and resting chambers, you’ll find all the necessary, reliable and durable, machines to equip your production unit with confidence and security.

Suitable for bakeries, hotels and collectivities such as prisons, these types of equipment, which demonstrate all the know-how in the industrial bakery sector, guarantee technology, robustness, reliability and longevity while increasing the production rate.

Our services

The picture would, however, be incomplete if we did not mention the range of services that we put at your disposal to support you in your business.

In addition to benefiting from our in-depth knowledge of the needs related to the Mauritian market and our know-how, we are glad to offer our consulting services to better guide you and accompany you from the launch of your project to its completion. Together with you, we help design the layout of your bakery to optimize your workspace while suggesting the types of equipment needed for your production line. If need be, we can also advise you on the types of insurance to contract for the safekeeping of your business.

More than that, we offer our professional bakery customers a unique service on the island: the opportunity to come and test our equipment in a laboratory where you can also benefit from the help, support and advice of our on-site team to optimize your results.