Our essential accessories to welcome the festive season!


The month of December has its own culinary peculiarities. Rhyming with never-ending parties, celebrations and tastings, it’s the perfect timing for chefs, bakers and pastry chefs to indulge in the creation of various delicacies or themed buffets to delight and amaze their clients. It is also the moment when the rate of production and level of stress increase according to the high demands and the hard pace known to this festive season. To take advantage of this sales period and increase your turnover, it is essential to have all the right tools and accessories to cook up a storm without stress and without leading the way to exhaustion.

What must you have in your laboratory? What accessories constitute the basics of a professional cook? In what should you ultimately invest to be able to unveil your creations with success? In this blog, we focus on the essential accessories for a well-equipped kitchen in order to make the most of this favourable period of the year.

Baking Trays

Designed for rotary ovens, our rigid SASA baking trays are suitable for both semi-industrial and artisanal processes. With their perforated aluminium sheets and stainless steel frames, they ensure good ventilation and thermal heat exchange for perfect cooking results. In addition to this, with the rounded edges, they favour quick and easy handling operations. More dimensions are available to support all your ovens. Moreover, SASA accessories benefit from the Infinium® quality label for coatings, a solution exclusive to SASA, silicone elastomer with high non-stick properties which meets the needs of industrial production such as heat resistance and high resistance to abrasion.

Baking Racks

Suitable for rotary kilns between 400 × 600 to 800 × 1000, our SASA baking racks have been specifically designed to stand the test of time. Robust and durable, they can easily withstand daily constraints like shocks and large weights. Made entirely of stainless steel and equipped with high-temperature castors, they are easy to maintain and will change the lives of your employees. Please note that the number of levels on the trolleys varies from 12 to 19, depending on the model and oven. Do not hesitate to contact us to know all our models in stock or to order your protective cover.

Other Accessories

Among our reliable and high-quality accessories, our Roul’Pat Silpat non-stick baking trays are used as a work surface to unwind or knead doughs, gum pastes, fondants, sugar or chocolate. Endowed with exceptional qualities and with a silicone coating, they combine longevity, flexibility and easy cleaning to make your life easier by obtaining a perfect result!

In addition, you will also find our high-heat resistant gloves. Adapted for industrial use, they are perfect for protecting you from the heat while assisting you in unmolding your creations.

To find out more about our accessories, contact us and we will be happy to help you end the holiday season on a high note!