Our Dough Dividers: When design rhymes with ergonomics!


Equipment manufacturers in the baking industry are becoming more and more sensitive to the well-being and comfort of bakers and continue to innovate to improve their working conditions. Certainly, to better meet the needs of bakers, with their fast pace of work and their large-scale production, they are putting at their service a whole range of machines that will allow them to accept ambitious projects and realize them in less time. In this regard, we are offering a quick overview of our range of dividers which is not only essential to facilitate the operation of dividing the dough into perfectly equal pieces but also to make the bakery atmosphere more pleasant by reducing allergenic flour emissions.

Our Hydraulic Dividers

Improving the comfort of bakers is a guideline for the development of Bongard’s baking equipment and it is in this spirit that a new range of hydraulic divider has been designed. As such, the Concorde 4 and Mercure 4  hydraulic dividers were created with the aim to facilitate the division of a previously weighed dough chunk into equal dough pieces to guarantee a homogeneous distribution of the dough and a regularity in the dough weight. With a capacity of 20 divisions, these dividers can hold up to 18 kg of dough all the while ensuring a rate of moisture of up to 70%.

These two models are nevertheless distinguished by the shape of their bowls: round with a volume of 25 litres for the Concorde 4 and rectangular for a capacity of 27 litres for the Mercure 4. Amazingly innovative thanks to their “Dust Control ” system, flour dusts are no longer thrown into the air causing untidiness and allergies but are routed in an airtight circuit where they are later recovered and removed.

These dividers also stand out from other traditional ones by their silent operation. Continuous noise in the workplace can cause stress, chronic fatigue and even deafness, this feature of our hydraulic dividers will make a world of a difference in your production unit. Always looking to set themselves apart, Bongard dividers are, on top of it all, easy to move and clean.



Our Bun Dividers

The “DB2” or “DB3”  bun dividers of the Bongard brand were designed to automatically cut and shape the dough into similar-sized balls in the same work cycle without causing unnecessary pressure on the dough. Particularly intended for the production of individual rolls and buns, they are undeniable allies for the diversified production of special breads thanks to the possibility of adjusting the moulding and pressure time. One difference being that the DB2 model uses manual settings for customized adjustment, while the DB3 model is available in semi-automatic or fully automatic versions. When it comes to the yield, the number of divisions and the weight of dough balls depends on the machine model selected. Indeed, the number of divisions can vary from 14 to 52 and the maximum weight per dough varies from 50 to 250 grams. And finally, built in steel mounted on casters, these dividers are just as easy to maintain and clean.


Our DVP Volume Divider

Particularly recommended for French-style doughs, the DVP volume divider is an automatic machine intended for professional use which allows a sustained production of dough pieces. The specificity of the DVP lies not only in the fact that it provides dough of regular weight but its use is further simplified by external controls that allow to vary the weight and the number of dough pieces and the hourly rate. In terms of performance, this line easily meets several requirements with 6 different models of machines available for dough ranging from 50 to 1500 g with a rate of 900 to 1800 pieces per hour, thus adapting to all types of production while ensuring a perfect regularity of the weight of the dough pieces. The Bongard volume divider is equipped with the latest safety innovations and can be supplied with accessories such as the rounding device on outfeed conveyor or the motorised flour duster and, thanks to their open hopper, the DVP piston volumetric divider can be used with a bowl lifter.


Dough being in the centre of your business, it is important you give it the attention it deserves. Having a dough divider not only improves the consistency of your dough but is crucial to the quality and texture of the finished product. To top it all off, they are wonderful labor savers. So, if you are tired of cutting or rounding by hand and if you are looking for an equipment that can assist you and enhance your performance while cutting down on time and physical effort, contact us to find out more about our dough dividers and how to improve the quality of your production.