The sale of our products and equipment is backed by after-sale support and on-going maintenance services.

But that’s not all… We offer a comprehensive consultancy service to those who want to open a bakery or a food service business, but don’t know where to start!

Starting a new bakery or expanding an existing one is a laborious project that requires everything to be well thought of in advance.

We provide our expertise and market knowledge to our clients and support them right from the creation of the project until its completion.

• Consultancy services at the beginning of the project
• Advice on the types of insurance to contract
• Expert advice for the optimisation of the work stations including briefs over the architectural plans

We’re proud of the amazing quality and lifespan of our equipment.

Our clients benefit first and foremost from our values of Quality, Technology and Reliability. Among the numerous relevant businesses in Mauritius that we equipped, some are using the same equipment for 19 years now!

This pledge of quality is backed by impeccable after-sale services provided by our teams:

After Sales


of Equipments

We offer a unique service: the great opportunity to see our equipment in action and test them in dedicated laboratory equipped with a large variety of machines, ovens and other equipment.

  • Spend up to a week in the lab with your Chef or baker to test the equipmentSpend up to a week in the lab with your Chef or baker to test the equipment
  • Get assistance, support and advice from our team.
  • Learn how to operate the machines for optimised results and according to your standards

Would you like to schedule a test in the lab? Contact us here!