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3 essential pieces of equipment that revolutionised baking.


Chances are that if you’re reading this blog, you are a baker. And if that’s the case, congratulations! You’re part of an age-old tradition which has helped fuel humanity to where it is today. 

Across the world, bread has always been at the heart of dinner tables across the world. Not having it there to accompany our daily meals is unthinkable for millions of people. But nobody ever takes a minute to think about how these delicious loaves are made. People just expect that their bread is fresh and ready every morning and that’s that. 

To honour your hard work and that of your contemporaries over the years, we dig into some of the machines that have changed the way you work. So without further ado… 

The Retarder Proofer  

The retarder proofer revolutionised the baking industry when it first burst on the scene. Why? Because it freed up bakers around the world (or those lucky enough to have one) to not be too tied up in the baking process, allowing them to create better quality loaves and plan their day more strategically. 

Way back when, the average baker needed to knead his dough, shape and mold it, wait around for the products to rise, and then put the dough in the oven. The retarder proofer saves bakers about 2 hours of extra work on average (that’s more time for some quality sleep) and guarantees prime quality dough constantly. 

Need a retarder proofer in your life? The Bongard “BFC” Roll in Retarder proofer is one of the best in the game. For more information on this brilliant machine click right here

Fornax - Deck Oven - Bongard

The Semi automatic Bread Slicer 

Bread slicing was never the most fun job on the production line and understandably, it was the first to be automated. Some of the first semi-automatic bread slicing machines were invented in 1928 and completely changed the industry. Consumers loved (and still do) the convenience of sliced bread and the machines used to make them have been improving ever since. The best and latest is none other than MacPan’s semi-automatic bread slicer which you will find right here. 

The oven 

The bread oven is one of the earliest pieces of equipment invented in the world. Evidence of the earliest ovens date back to 4000 years ago and they keep appearing throughout the cultures of Ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome and Medieval Europe (yes bread has been around for a long time). Nowadays bakeries around the world are still using ovens… but they sure have changed. 

Now powered by electricity, fuel or gas, and capable of higher volumes of production than their stone or clay counterparts, having one of these is essential for your production line. Discover our range here.   

There you have it, three pieces of equipment that have had a profound effect on the baking industry. Think we missed anything? Then just get in touch with us to tell us all about it or visit our website to view our full range of products.